Saturday, May 7, 2016

5 Best Free Online Service Data Backup - you most to know

Online Service Data Backup - With online data backup service you can easily secure your data stored online on the internet. This is inporttant if your frequently store data in computers, bacause if stored in a computer the risk of lost your data, virus infected and corupt data. Here are best free online service data stored:
1. Dropbox(
The best solution to easily backup your data, this service you can backup data, sharing links photo gallery, shared folder and synchorization across multipe computers on network internet. if you free fersion you can get 2GB data storage and if you are pro account version you can get available for 50 GB storage and 100 backup sapce.

ElephantDrive is a provide data backup service. It provides automatic and scheduled backups, sharing tools, capabilities mapped network drive backup and file versioning.  is very good for both the free and pro version. It also has a throttle bandwidth that you can use to control the bandwidth usage.

IBackup Service online data backup solution and very easy to use one. It gives from basic to advanced features to an online data backup with 10 GB or 1000 GB of secure storage space. Also provides remote access to mobile or web.
IDrive is also the best data backup solution. Has an interface that is easy to use, It offers a free version uses 2GB of personal, private use 150GB version and 50, 100 and 500GB Pro Business receivables. requires only seconds to schedule automatic backups by preferences such as email notifications and use the bandwidth.

SugarSync is one solution and provides all the basic backup features and tools saharing. It is compatible with smartphones and mobile devices, including iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and iPhone. You can sync and data across multiple devices and perform simple editing via the web.

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