Saturday, May 7, 2016

6 Tools to Backup Your Social Network

Social Network Backup Data - Now it is time for us to back up some important data in social media. data loss can cause stress and potentially lost business. Here is a list of tools for creating a best backup data plan of your social media.

1.Facebook BackUp

Social safe: these tools are useful for backup your friend, photo, profil account.
Archive Facebook: this is firefox add-on wich you can use for backup your Facebook account(profile,photos,message,your activity,friend list adn more to your hard drive computer.

2.Blog BackUp
WP-DB Manager: this is a plugins on wordpress that allow to backup your database
BlogBackup: wordpress and blogger service can backup your post,pages,category,coment and more.

3.All-In-One Social Media BackUp
Backupify: you can automatic backup data from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google Docs, Delicious, Flickr and others

4.Twitter BackUp
Tweetake: this is tools to backup your twitter account follower, tweet and people following for you or you are following.
Backup My Tweets: Service can backup your twitter acoount daily, you can view on page or download this in HTML, JSON and XML.

Youtube Downloader: this is software to download your video on youtube. and save to your hard drive to backup.
Youtube online downloader: website downloader video on youtube by generating the url link by video, you can download on quality list video and convert them to other video formats.

6.Flickr BackUp
Flickr Edit: you can upload, backup and download your photos to and from flickr via app java based desktop.
Downloadr: the software to download flickr photo and you can save backup to your computer.

Now you can safe your data account by backup.

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